and shipping

Shipping Method

How do you ship and what is the price?

Shipping costs vary depending on your exact location and shipping option

Where do you ship?

We provide International shipping, however, due to security reasons we can’t ship to military areas.

How do you ship?

We ship orders overseas by mail service.  Once order is processed, we send to shipping company that handles shipping.  After arriving to your country, it is handled by your country’s postal service.  Please contact your local postal service once it arrives in your country.

Shipping time

How long will my order take to be delivered?

The shipping time will depend on your exact location, however, it usually takes only 3-7 days for shipping to the US and 10-15 days for International shipping

How can I track my order?

We will send you the tracking code of your orders to the email that you provided when placing your order.  This email will indicate how to track your package.  Please note the tracking information will be displayed 2-5 days after receiving the email.

When will my tracking information appear?

You should see tracking events within 48-72 hours after you have received the tracking number/ID.  The reason for the time lag is in most cases the first tracking event only shows up once the shipment was handed over to us, i.e., once the shipment has left the fulfillment center of your online shop.

Why can’t I track my order on your website ?

Please note the tracking information will be displayed after 2-5 days after being updated.  For the first time, it may take a few minutes to get the information from the carrier.  Therefore, sometimes you can’t find information about your package, please track again later.

Why is my shipment status unchanged?

Your shipment may be delayed.  Delivery delays can occur due to weather, customs or backlogs.  Please note tracking information can be displayed after the shipping process has begun

Why do I have to pay extra pay to my shipping company?

When your order is ready to ship, we send it to the shipping company, they handle it completely.  Depending on each shipping company’s policy and/ or customs procedures there can be additional fees for the final delivery or import tax; possibly due to shipping address in remote areas.  In this case, please pay the required fee to receive your order


How can I pay for my order?

We offer safe shopping and accept payments via Paypal, Credit card, Debit card, Visa or Shopify payments.  Choose the method most suitable for you.  All products are listed in US Dollar, our system will automatically exchange your currency to make it easy for you when placing your order.

Which currency are using on your website?

Our products are listed in US Dollar.  Our system will automatically convert it for you.


How do I place an order?

Choose products that you love, then click “Add to cart” and “Check out”.  Fill in your information and pay…It’s that easy!

Why is my package taking so long?

All items are handmade and may be out of stock which may not be reflected on the website. Please allow, 4-5 days processing time to receive your tracking details.